Balayage/ Ombre- The New Dip Dye

Ever wondered what the difference is between balayage, dip dye and ombre?

When this trend first appeared it was more known as ‘dip dye’, that’s because the colour that had been applied to the ends looked like it had been ‘dipped’. However, like all fashion trends it has evolved in to a much more subtle look, now know as ‘balayage’, ‘ombre’ or even ‘sombre’.

This look is much more blended than dip dye. There is no harsh lines and the colour melts into each other, as if the sun has naturally lightened it.

Balayage doesn’t have to be just blonde, if you are a little more daring than the rest of us, auburn and copper hues look beautiful, especially for the Autumn/ Winter months.

See some of our in-salon  balayage work below:

balayagekelly balayagekel2 balayagekel