Our Pricing

Our Pricing

Looking for inspiration, motivation or even a complete transformation? Our innovative team of stylists are on hand to offer you a personalised service unique to your needs and lifestyle. Unwind in the comfort of knowing you are in professional hands.

Cutting & Styling

Ladies cutting

Graduate StylistDesigner StylistSenior DesignerSalon Director
Wash Cut & Style (Long)£36.50£41.00£47.50£54.50
Wash Cut & Style (Short)£33.00£38.00£44.00£50.00
Dry Restyle/Redesign£40.00£45.00£52.00£59.00
Dry Trim£25.50£27.50£30.00£34.50
Wash Cut & Blast Dry (short hair)£30.00£33.00£38.50£44.00
Fringe Trim (walk in free if hair has been cut by us)£7.00£8.00£9.00£10.00


Graduate StylistDesigner StylistSenior DesignerSalon Director
Wash & Style (Up to 30m)£21.50£23.50£26.50£30.00
Wash & Style (Up to 45m)£25.00£27.50£30.00£35.00
Wash & Style (Up to 60m)£30.00£32.50£35.00£40.00
Special Styling (hair up)From £38.50From £40.00From £45.00From £50.00
GHD Curl/Straighten (no wash) Long£18.50£21.00£23.50£25.50
Wash & Blast Dry (stand alone service)£11.50£13.50£14.50£16.50
French Plait (1 braid) 15 mins£11.00£12.00£13.00£14.00
French Plait (2 braid) 30 mins£18.50£20.00£21.00£22.00


Graduate StylistDesigner StylistSenior DesignerSalon Director
Full Head Perm£60.00
Half Head Perm£40.00£45.00£45.00£45.00
Fabriq Keratin Treatment
Aura Treatment
Yuko Permanent Hair Straightening (short)£290.00
Yuko Permanent Hair Straightening (medium)£320.00
Yuko Permanent Hair Straightening (long)£350.00
Yuko Roots only (within 6 months)

Please note all Smoothing Services will need a consultation prior to appointment. Please call us for a complimentary consultation.

Colour Services

High/Low Lights

ColouristSenior ColouristTechnical DirectorColour Specialist
Full Head (Long)£77.50£88.00£97.00£100.00
Full Head (Short)£71.50£78.00£86.00£88.50
Half Head (Long)£60.50£68.00£71.50£75.00
Half Head (Short)£53.00£59.00£62.00£65.00
T Bar (1/4 Head)£41.00£44.00£46.75£49.00
Freehand Techniques per 15 mins£16.00£17.50£18.50£20.00
Freehand Techniques per 30 mins£32.00£35.00£37.00£40.00
Freehand Techniques per 45 mins£48.00£52.50£55.50£60.00
Freehand Techniques per 60 mins£64.00£70.00£74.00£80.00

Full Head Colour/Global Application

ColouristSenior ColouristTechnical DirectorColour Specialist
Full Head Colour (Long Hair)£53.50£60.50£65.00£67.00
Full Head Colour (Short Hair – above shoulders)£46.50£49.50£52.50£56.50
Root Regrowth£42.50£47.00£49.50£53.50
T-bar root regrowth (painted on scalp)£31.50£35.50£37.50£40.00
Pre Lighten (regrowth less than 5 weeks)£46.00£49.50£53.50£56.50
Pre Lighten (1-2in)£54.00£60.50£64.00£67.00
Pre Lighten (Full Head)POAPOAPOAPOA
Toner/Colour Balancing£27.50£30.50£33.00£35.00
Pre Colour£27.50£30.50£33.00£35.00
Root Stretch£48.50£53.00£55.50£59.50

Please note if you have not had a colour service in our salon for over 3 months, a skin test will be required at least 48 hours before your appointment.

Hair Extensions

Hair Extension Application Per Hour Exc Sewn Weft

StylistDesigner StylistSenior DesignerSalon Director
Sewn in Weft per row£37.50
La Weave per row-£37.50
Tape – per hour£50.00
Ring method per hour£55.00
Hot Bond/Cold Fusion per hour£55.00
Box Braids per hour£45.00
Removal all methods per 15 mins£10.00

Extension Cutting

StylistDesigner StylistSenior DesignerSalon Director
Restyle Cut (No Wash)
Wash Cut & Style
Dry Trim
Wash & Restyle Cut

Extension Styling

StylistDesigner StylistSenior DesignerSalon Director
GHD Curl/Straighten Long (no wash)
GHD Curl/Straighten Short (no wash)
Finish Long (wash & style)
Finish Short (wash & style)

All Hair Extensions quotes are individual to each client depending on method, length of hair, current hair style and target hair style. If you are interested in Hair Extensions please call us on 01522 687950 to book in for a complimentary consultation with one of our extensions specialists.

Junior Cutting & Styling

Graduate StylistDesigner StylistSenior DesignerSalon Director
Baby’s Trim (up to 3 years)£11.00£12.00£13.00£15.00
Child Trim – Scissor Cut£13.50£15.00£16.00£17.50
Child Skin Fade£15.50£16.50£17.00£18.00
Child Short Back & Sides£13.50£15.00£16.00£17.00
Child Blowdry£18.50£21.00£23.50£25.50
Child Cut & Finish (45m)£25.00£27.00£29.00£33.00
Child Dry Restyle£23.00£25.00£27.00£31.00
Child Wash Cut & Restyle£30.00£32.00£34.00£38.00

Gent Cutting & Styling

Graduate StylistDesigner StylistSenior DesignerSalon Director
Clippers Cut£12.00£12.50£13.00£13.00
Short Back & Sides£15.00£16.00£17.00£18.00
Skin Fade£17.00£18.00£19.00£20.00
Foil Fade/45m Hair Cut£18.00£19.00£20.00£21.00
Scissor Cut (short hair)£17.00£18.00£19.00£20.00
Scissor Cut (long hair)£22.00£25.00£27.50£31.00
Dry Restyle£25.50£27.50£30.00£34.00
Wash Cut & Style/Restyle£30.00£32.50£35.00£39.00
Beard Trim£6.50£7.00£7.50£8.50


StylistDesigner StylistSenior DesignerSalon Director
Metal Detox£5.00£5.00£5.00£5.00
Extra Time 15m£6.00£7.00£8.00£9.00
Extra Time 30m£12.00£14.00£16.00£18.00
Extra Tube of Colour per 1/4 of a tube£5.00£5.00£5.00£5.00
Extra Tube of Colour per full tube£20.00£20.00£20.00£20.00

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