HAIR extensions

Hair Extensions

HAIR extensions

Our Extension Technician has over 20 years salon experience specialising only in hair extensions for much of this time. We offer a range of methods and are continually updating and adding to our profile of methods as new systems become available.

What we have found is that one method does not suit all people, their hair type, lifestyle, or budget. By offering a range of application methods, we can offer the best solution tailored specifically to you and your requirements.

Colour matching, placement, hair quality and cutting are all paramount to perfecting the finished look, whilst making sure your hair extensions are manageable for you and easy to style at home.

Boost your hair

Hair extensions can be used to add length, volume and colour.

Healthier hair

If fitted and maintained correctly extensions do not cause damage to the hair, in fact in many cases help improve the condition and length of your hair over time.

quality guarenteed

As a minimum quality you can expect our hair to have all cuticles intact, be 100% human hair, be root point correct and double drawn.

O P T I O N A L  P R O D U C T S  &  S E R V I C E S

The first wash is important for all methods of extensions, so we can give you instructions and demonstrate the best ways to wash, style and care for your extensions. This will allow you to get the maximum time out of your hair and the best experience and manageability. Most methods allow for more than one application of the same hair, due to the high quality of hair used.

We will give you full instructions for washing, drying and styling your hair extensions yourself but most new clients prefer us to do the first wash.

During this 2 hour appointment, we will wash, dry and style your new hair, taking you step by step through different styling techniques and anything else you might need after wearing your extensions for a couple of days. What this may entail again depends of the method of extensions but may include, adding in a few more extensions or taking a few more inches off the length, putting in a few more layers or adjusting a row.

We aim to get things absolutely right and have found hair settles down and sits slightly differently after the first wash and showing clients rather than just telling them or relying solely on our aftercare leaflet helps improve the overall experience.

We stock Great Lengths Extension brushes in a range of sizes and recommend using these with all extension methods, as they untangle easily but gently without causing damage or stress to your own or the extension hair and without putting any stress of the attachment method.

Some methods will require you to use certain shampoos and conditioners that we can recommend to you. This is because some attachment methods will slip or breakdown unless the correct products are used.

Salon products are always more favourable over supermarket products as they contain better quality ingredients and water soluble silicones that won’t build up on the extension hair and cause it to tangle. We will recommend products suitable for both your own hair type and extension hair.

We use TIGI styling products and find some of these work very well on hair extensions, in particular to help smooth your own hair with the extensions.

M E T H O D S  W E  O F F E R:

Sewn In Weft/ Weaves
Great Lengths Multisonic
Great Lengths Cold Fusion
Tape Extensions (Weft hair type includes machine weft, hand tide weft, skin weft, flat weft)
Racoon Pre Bonded
Racoon Micro Sealed Flat Weft
Racoon Hot Bonds
Braided Extensions (Braids, micro braids and dreadlocks using synthetic or human hair)
Clip In Hair Extensions (We offer a colour match, make, fit and cut clip in hair extension service)

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